What about attraction?

AttractionLove may be blind, but what about ‘attraction’?

Totally different story isn’t it.

You don’t get to the love stage unless the attraction is there to begin with, wouldn’t you agree?

Unless you believe in love at first sight, in which case attraction doesn’t get a chance till a few milliseconds later :-). Or does it – can you have love at first sight without attraction..?

But if you can’t, then surely love isn’t blind, and beauty isn’t just skin deep either!

It’s a complicated world this love and attraction thing, particularly when you see a world full of people altering their appearances with skin whitener cream and the like. I mean it’s all fully endorsed and has it’s own professional industry associations like PBA.

So it must be what the world wants.

Not that we’re taught, trained, cajoled and generally advertised into submission where our appearance is concerned of course.

Right from girls being pretty in pink, to boys being stronger than girls. This kind of stuff starts very early, is totally unintentional for a large part, and hard, even painful to try and avoid. Without sounding like an overly politically correct bore.

But then again, you can always check out those reviews of the Meladerm skin lightener if you like. Maybe they will make improve your chances of love at first sight after all. Or if you want to go even further you can also get into things like whitening your underarm areas, according to whiteningcreamreviews.com. I’m not sure quite how many people will see your skin deep beauty under your armpits, but if needs must, then action must of course be taken.


Or you could just sit back and be happy in the knowledge that your armpits are the color they always were, and they don’t need to be whitened quite as much as your teeth. Which of course for most of the Western world are already about 3 shades whiter than any natural tooth color.

But these trends come and go in the long run. So maybe one day we’ll all be swishing red wine around our mouths just to try and darken down that overtly unnatural whiteness.